Virtual Happy Hours

How it works:

Looking for an exciting new way to connect with friends & co-workers over drinks? Our online Cocktail Classes include ingredients shipped straight to your door, combined with a virtual mixology lesson on an interactive Zoom chat, with no limit to the number of guests you can invite!

Here's how it works:

1. Select one of our DIY Cocktail Kits or Spirit Tasting Kits - each kit has its own unique story to tell!

2. Fill our the form below to set up a date & time for your class! (We kindly request 10 business days notice for kit assembly & shipping).

That's it! We will individually ship the kits to each member of your group and provide a private Zoom link for you & your guests. Get ready to mix drinks, learn some "drunk history", and have fun!

*Please note: A one-time class fee of $350 will be added for live instruction in addition to the kit costs.

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I want to choose my own drinks for the kits… is that possible?

There are 2 options for customizing the drinks in the kit:

1. You can ‘Mix-and-Match’ your own kit by choosing 2 of our ‘Single-Serve’ options from our list of current offerings (click here to view the list).

. If you’d like to request cocktails that aren’t part of our regular offerings, please let us know and we will see what is possible. [Due to the limited availability of spirits & liqueurs in small format bottles, a lot of drinks are not feasible in this cocktail kit format.]

Do the kits include bartending tools?

We include a small plastic measuring cup in each kit so each recipe can be followed exactly. Other bar tools such as shakers, jiggers, and strainers are NOT included, but can be added for an additional per kit fee. Click here to see our list of available bar tools (bulk purchase rates can apply depending on the order amount).

Can I customize the kit in any way? I want this to feel special for the occasion!

There are currently 2 options we offer for customizing the kits:

Recipe Card Design: Add your brand logos, photos, custom text, even change the names of the drinks on the double-sided glossy recipe card. Anything goes! Cost: +$200 flat fee

Custom Rubber Stamp: Add your logo, image or text to the inside of each kit with a customized rubber stamp (see photo for example). Once created, we can reuse your stamp for no extra cost in the future. Cost: +$250 one-time setup & manufacturing fee

Is there anywhere you don’t ship to?

As of now, we are able to ship all of our kits and products anywhere in the US. We can also do international shipping, however shipping costs and customs charges are quite expensive, FYI.

Can I request what brands of booze go in my kit?

We are open to your request for particular brands, but due to the limited number of brands available in the bottle sizes we need, we cannot guarantee any branded liquor requests. Please trust that we do not put anything into the boxes that we do not personally imbibe & enjoy!

I’m not a fan of Zoom… can I use a different meeting app?

Definitely! Our system is set up for easy use in almost any video conferencing application. We have successfully given many classes on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Amazon Chime, and more.

I’m getting this as a gift for someone… can I include a custom note?

Yes! We are happy to add a custom printed note to any of our kits at no additional cost.

Some of my group don’t drink. Do you offer non-alcoholic options?

All of our standard and seasonal Mixology kits are available with zero-proof non-alcoholic spirits. No reason why non-drinkers can’t party, too!

Are your cocktail kits vegan?

Almost 100% yes! The only kits which may pose a problem for vegans are the kits containing honey (Gold Rush & Penicillin cocktails, and potentially some seasonal kits). There are no other animal-based ingredients in our kits!

I’m thirsty… can we send big bottles of booze instead?

Let us know what you’re looking for and we will see what we can do. Additional per package rates will apply.