Weddings & Private Parties

No one loves a good party more than Spirit Guides. And there’s one thing that makes every party even better… great drinks, of course!

Our exciting cocktail bar packages include 5 hours of service (plus setup & breakdown) and all the ingredients to make every drink you need (that’s spirits, wine, beer, craft ice, handmade syrups, mixers, sodas, garnishes, fresh-squeezed juices, still & sparkling water & disposables).

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BOOZE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE! (our baseline offering)


  • Your choice of up to 3 Signature Cocktails, selected from our extensive list of original recipes, cocktail classics, and vintage tiki favorites
  •  Your choice of 2 beer styles (i.e. stout, lager, IPA) - specific brands may not be available

  • Your choice of 2 featured wines - 1 red wine & 1 white wine recommended

  • Basic well & mixers - vodka, gin, blanco tequila, light rum, bourbon, sparkling water, tonic, & various other sodas, bottled juices, & garnishes at our discretion

  • Hard plastic cups & biodegradable straws

  • Spa water


    Classic Cocktail Full Back Bar - all the ingredients of the basic well, plus reposado tequila, mezcal, dark rum, cognac, rye whiskey, blended scotch, Campari, Aperol, medium-style amaro, orange curaçao, Carpano Antica Italian vermouth, Dolin French vermouth, Angostura bitters, absinthe, simple syrup, rich honey syrup, agave syrup, ginger syrup, passionfruit syrup, fresh-squeezed juices (lemon & lime), Luxardo maraschino cherries, olives, candied ginger, and various other syrups, juices & garnishes at our discretion

    Expanded Beer Selection - select up to 5 beer styles and/or specific beer brand requests Expanded Wine Selection - select up to 5 wines and/or specific wine brand requests Fancy Spirits - substitute fancy spirit brands for our standard well (see below for details) Champagne Toast - real champagne for each party guest

    Spirit Guides Custom Recipe Design Session ($1000) - a private 3-hour cocktail design session for you & 3 guests.


Our rates are calculated based on the number of guests at your event, in blocks of 50 guests. These rates include all bar staff for up to 5 hours of service (plus setup & breakdown), transportation of all goods & staff to & from your venue, and all ingredients for all drinks (spirits, beer, wine, mixers, sodas, juices, water, garnishes, plastic cups, napkins, and paper straws). No hidden costs, taxes, or extra fees beyond what’s listed here!